Lemon Spa Pedicure

Basic treatment to reveal healthier brighter skin
(Paraffin was $5 extra)



Exotic Peppermint Pedicure

(Seven to Choose from)
Cooling peppermint essential oil delivers a cool brisk sensation using sea salt, cooling gel, extra massage and special cream, in just minutes, the condition and appearance of your feet will be improved. Your feet will feel cooler & lighter.



Exotic Lavender Pedicure

This therapeutic pedicure treatment begins with a lavender foot soak exfoliating salt scrub, hydrating mask wrapped in warm towel. Lavender massage oil & paraffin wax smooth & calm your tired feet.
(Paraffin Wax Extra $5.00)

(Recommended for tired feet)


 Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.

Winter Heat Pedicure

The warming treatment moisturizes & smooths hard working feet with vitamins, minerals & antioxidant. The feet are wrapped in towels with a mask to keep warm. When the mask is removed the skin has a smooth satin finish after a hot stone treatment.



Caramel Oranges Pedicure

Rejuvenate the feet with invigorating properties of essential caramel oranges oil. They naturally moisturize & exfoliate. Fresh slices of orange are added to the soak followed by a gentle application of our orange scrub. Mask & butter massage leave feet feeling soft, smooth & refreshed! Paraffin wax gives your feet sunshine.

(Recommended for tired or dulling looking feet)



Caramel Cappuccino Pedicure

The energizing boost of caffeine plus a rich tantalizing coffee aroma that is designed to get you up & going. Paraffin wax is the rejuvenation.

(Recommended for coffee lovers, hang over)



Milk & Honey Pedicure

Intensive luxurious treatment for dry feet. Milk and honey plus paraffin wax infuses skin with deep hydration that lasts to keep your feet happy!

(Recommended for dry callused feet)


chocolate martini

Chocolate Martini

This exotic pedicure treatment begins with chocolate feet soak exfoliating salt scrub, hydrating chocolate mask wrapped in a warm towel. Chocolate massage oil to smooth & calm your sexy feet!

(Recommended for Chocolate lover)



Sassy Signature Pedicure

This awesome signature pedicure treatment begins with a great nail tech with very strong hands by exfoliating with sea salt scrub, hydrating mask wrapped in a hot towel. At the end with a long massage by his/her strong hands that makes you feel great!

(Recommended for Sassy Loyalty)



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